tri-county pest control

pest control company based in NJ

Website design / Case Studies / Brochure Design / Ad Campaign


Tri-County Pest Control needed a website better suited to convert their traffic into more sales leads. We wanted to build a sleek, mobile optimized website that prioritizes mobile conversions.


We built a website with quick easy forms and clear CTAs in prominent locations. The site was created to have a simple, easy to navigate layout. It is also mobile focused as well, over half of the customer conversions for TCPC come from mobile based visitors.

Not only did we update and refresh the TCPC site, we also directed multiple media day photo/video sessions, conducted case study interviews and created an entire line of custom critter icons to utilize throughout the site design.

See our work in action at

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    Myles Guevremont Tri-County Pest Co, General Manager
pest control website mockup on a computer monitor

Case Studies

Design, Copy, Original Photography, Video production and Print Reproduction


Photography Art Direction

Site Design Process

We started with a planning and strategy session, taking into account the current unorganized layout and sitemap for the TCPC site. We then came up with a more strategic, logical UX, and created a tight but simple wireframe user flow to use as a roadmap for the entire site redesign.

We created a wireframed layout for almost every page on the entire site, including mobile, so that we were sure this complicated site was as logical to navigate as possible for the end user.

Below are some examples of the wirerames we created and presented to get to the final site.


We then moved into visual design mock ups of key pages, such as the home page, contact and a few sub pages. This provided us, and the client, with a design basis for what to expect through out the rest of the site build as far as visuals.


Some tweaks and modifications after a prototype phase and soft launch for the customer to dive into, and we are at the current state of the live site. The client is extremely happy and was highly involved in the process the entire time.

We also put together a full digital strategy for the client that included SEO, adwords, targeted ads and an ongoing weekly email campaign. TCPC has seen a massive jump in traffic and especially conversions, stating they “could not be happier!”