integra one

IT consulting company

Original Logo Design


The team at IntegraONE wanted update and modernize their logo and website, while still remaining true to their established brand and retaining customer recognition.


We used their current brand guidelines as a basis to update the design of the logo and website. With a new, modern, clean feel, the visuals were revamped without starting over from scratch and potentially confusing customers already aware of the brand.

I1 logo horizontal

Logo Process

Starting with research, exploration and sketching.


Moving on to digital exploration in black and white.
Many iterations were created searching for the correct voice and tone of this brand’s update.


Once a direction was chosen, we moved on to color application. IntegraONE wanted to keep their current branded color scheme, and also wanted to see some additional rounds of concepts for ideas, which is where we went next.


We put together a few use case examples, such as a t-shirt design and some expanded color systems, to really drive home how this new logo could be applied to various surfaces and products.


Through all the options we finally narrowed down the selection to a final 2.


A final logo was chosen, and with some minor tweaks to color and layout, the finished product was complete!