aerloom farms

aeroponic farming startup

logo / branding / website


Aerloom Farms is a new venture in an exciting high tech aeroponic farming segment. They needed total branding package, including a logo and website that would appeal to supporters of grassroots, local farming organizations but to also represent their technological sophistication.


We built a logo and branding package for them with a combination of hand done aesthetics and steam-punk inspired motifs in mind. The structure, design, typefaces and palette all support the idea of technical innovation in a vintage industry.

Logo and Branding Process

The logo process started with a conversations between the GRM design team and Aerloom’s creative leadership. Together we embarked on a discovery session lead by Gravity Rail to analyze multiple factors. Aspects analyzed included industry trends, competitors branding and aesthetics, as well as what sort of branding and visuals resonated with the values and mission statement of Aerloom Farms.

After the discovery sessions and mood board creations, GRM got to work on a collection of hand drawn logo concepts to present to Aerloom. This initial round was used to find a collectively agreed upon style avenue to proceed with.


The Aerloom Farms team were extremely easy and pleasant to work with. After the initial round of concepts, they really were able to visualize and then verbalize exactly what they were looking for. We took the concepts they loved the most and began to make digital iterations of them to present for a round of tight black and white digital concept presentations.


And these were the developed logos selected for client presentation. They were extremely pleased and stated that they had a very hard time picking the final design. This is a very good problem to have.


After a bit of decision struggle, a final silhouette for the logo was selected. We were then ready to jump into color application and corporate brand palettes. The thoughts behind color selection circled around wanting to have vintage, muted earth tones. This would obviously speak to the “farming” aspect of the company, but a secondary or tertiary color was needed to bring in the “modern technology” vibe. Some explorations included bright, bold colors and complimentary color gradients to contrast the mellow earth tones of the base colors.


The final palette was completed. An orange tinted bright yellow, named “ray of sunshine” for Aerloom Farms, was agreed on and selected to compliment the muted greens.

three logos in a row, left is black and white, center is grayscale, right is color