6 Free Google Fonts Great for Web Design

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Having the right font on your website is essential to a polished, professional look. Thanks to Google Fonts, accomplishing this task does not have to expensive (or cost anything at all!)

Below we share 6 fonts that are excellent options for web design, and we offer some great pairings for body/header selection.

1- Arvo

This slab-serif font is a great multi-functional font for websites. The roman (regular, 400) weight makes for excellent body font. The bold (700) arvo font also looks incredibly sexy as an all caps header.

If you want to use Arvo just for body font, it pairs nicely with a heavy or light weight Roboto Slab as your header font.

2- Roboto

Roboto is an incredibly diverse font thanks to its three families (Regular, Condensed, and Slab)

Roboto shines brightest with its heavier weight fonts – the black Roboto Slab and the bolder Roboto Regular weights.

Yet the Thin (100) Roboto Regular font is a great weight to mix up your header fonts and add some diversity. We have used the 100 as an H1 before and it really looks nice sitting there with a Black subheader.

3- Lato

Lato is the third most served font by Google Fonts, and with good reason. This is a really clean, easy font that makes for nice body font and headers.

We have leaned toward using Lato for body font more than headers, and have paired it with Bebas Neue as the header font (on this site, for one!)

4- Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro is a sans serif typeface that was originally designed by Adobe for use in user interfaces. Translation: it is easy to look at, and your brain will have an easy time navigating through a website with Source Sans Pro as the primary font.

We have designed full websites with Source Sans Pro as the only font.

The regular weight makes for an excellent body font. 

Pairing a bold weight (700 or 900) with one of the lighter weights (200, 300 or 400) makes for a really nice header/subheader pair.

5- Bebas neue

This is a gorgeous headline font, and pairs well with any of the fonts on this list.

If you want an all caps H1, this is a great option. Also works really nicely for an H3 type header that is a smaller accent header or caption text.


6- Libre baskerville

Libre Baskerville was designed to mimic ATF’s Baskerville, just a little tille and wider.

The original Baskerville was designed in the 1750s, and stands today as a very popular font for book design.

The Libre Baskerville is a cleaner typeface that will evoke that bookish, historical quality in your website. This is a great header font to establish authority, and it has a classic look that will never go out of style.

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